Innovative wonders

How are programmers joking?
Programmers are fun people. They joke, like everyone else, over a glass of tea, coffee and other similar situations. They write documentation and insert a comic example in the program…

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Information products: how not to buy garbage?
Some time ago I had a chance to read a very interesting book: Alexander Gogun - Adolf Hitler's Black PR. Documents and materials. Yauza, 2004. I read it, as the…

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What topic to choose for a blog? Just not about the blog!
I wonder how many sites on Runet sites and blogs about blogs? Of course, no one specifically calculated them, but - a lot! There are very famous among them, there…

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How to download videos from YouTube?

In fact, downloading a video from YouTube is easier than it sounds at first. Actually, this will not be difficult even for the most unprepared user of a personal computer. Well, let’s all in order.

YouTube is the most popular online video storage and streaming service in the world. It is on YouTube that contains the largest number of videos on the global Internet. The site ranks third in the world in terms of traffic after Google and Facebook. It is watched daily by millions of videos by users from all over the world. It’s clear that in the midst of such an abundance of clips and videos, everyone will find something that they want to download to their computer, so as not to constantly go to the site to watch their favorite clip. But video hosting itself does not officially give the opportunity to download video Continue reading

A bit about CCTV systems

When it comes to business security, peace of mind for the life and health of relatives, it is necessary to carefully approach the choice of security system. Over the past year alone, more than 100 thousand surveillance cameras have been installed in Russia!

Depending on where the camera is located, video surveillance systems can be external, internal and hidden. In any case, such systems monitor the object using a video camera. Using one or more cameras, you can follow it from one or several points.

Today, digital or analog systems are used. The first system uses analog means to record or reproduce a signal. As a result, the signal that will be transmitted from the cameras to the video surveillance monitors is presented in the same Continue reading

What are neural networks

Neural networks are small models consisting of small processing units that you will find in the human brain (brain cells called “neurons”) Scientists make these models and make them behave wisely. They can be taught to do things that traditional computers do difficult. Early neural networks were called multilayer perceptrons.

Another name for neural networks is “connectionist networks,” and the people who make and develop them are often called “connectionists” networks, often taking the form of computer programs. These programs mimic these models, although more and more silicon chips are produced using neural Continue reading

“Clean room” or laminar box? What is more suitable for organizing the repair of hard drives?

When a hard drive receives physical damage, the process of data recovery and disk repair requires a high degree of care and experience. The recovery process includes removing the disk from the computer and then removing it.

A casual environment, such as a kitchen table or a workbench in the basement, will do more harm than help. Contaminants cause damage to the sensitive surfaces of the hard drive’s recording plates. In addition, the service engineer must not allow any contaminants to enter the atmosphere or workspace.

When you are looking for a hard drive recovery company, always make sure that they have a so-called Continue reading

Innovative wonders in the field of medicine of the 21st century

The modern world does not stand still. Every year, equipment and production methods are improved, new technologies appear that help make life easier for people. This equipment, methods and technology is called innovation.

So what is innovation? Innovation – an innovation in the field of engineering, technology, labor organization and other areas, based on the experience transmitted by other generations and the achievements of science. Innovations can improve product quality, and they also improve the productivity of the labor system. The study, analysis and management of innovative technologies is engaged in a science called innovation.

To develop new technologies requires a human resource, it is he who provides the basis for further development. Continue reading

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How to increase drive C? Consider all the possible ways.
Method number 1. Move the folder "My Documents" to drive D. You can make the standard user’s folder “My Documents” a repository of information on disk D - this is…


NTLDR is missing - system recovery
I’ll tell you that I know about a common error in Windows NTLDR is missing operating systems and about system recovery when it occurs. NTLDR is a bootloader (boot file)…


How to take a screenshot? An integrated approach to solving the problem
Many computer users probably faced the task when it was necessary to take a screenshot (“photos” of the screen). Often, for these purposes, special programs are used that have wide…


"Clean room" or laminar box? What is more suitable for organizing the repair of hard drives?
When a hard drive receives physical damage, the process of data recovery and disk repair requires a high degree of care and experience. The recovery process includes removing the disk…