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How to burn the operating system to disk
It happens that you need to write the operating system (for example, Windows 7) to disk. After all, the operating system should always be in the home disk collection, because…

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How to launch your site? Search engine optimization
With this article I want to complete my attempt to introduce readers to the topic of launching their site on the Internet. Earlier, methods and methods for creating your portal,…

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White and gray IP addresses, what is it?
A brief reference guide on external and local (white / gray) IP addresses - why they are called that way and where they come from. This article may be useful…

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How to remove a banner from the desktop and from the browser

If you are reading this article, then you must have encountered such a problem as an advertising module or an informer on the monitor of your computer. It is sometimes quite difficult to get rid of this annoying thing, and the creators of this virus themselves require sending an SMS message for money, or replenishing a Beeline or MTS subscriber’s account, after which you supposedly can deactivate pop-up ads on your screen. Do not do this in any case, as this is a fraud and you will not be given an unlock code.

In this article I will tell you how to remove a similar banner from the screen of your computer. To begin with, a banner on the desktop or in a browser that pops up on the screen and interferes with normal Continue reading

How to take a screenshot? An integrated approach to solving the problem

Many computer users probably faced the task when it was necessary to take a screenshot (“photos” of the screen). Often, for these purposes, special programs are used that have wide capabilities, but in most cases, you can do with the built-in Windows tools.

To do this, the keyboard has a special key – Print Screen (PrtScn), most often located in the upper right corner of the keyboard. You can use it in two ways:

Simply, when you click Print Screen, the entire screen will be “photographed”.
Pressing the Alt + Print Screen combination will take a screenshot of the currently active window. Continue reading

How to increase drive C? Consider all the possible ways.

Method number 1. Move the folder “My Documents” to drive D.
You can make the standard user’s folder “My Documents” a repository of information on disk D – this is very convenient to use. By default, this folder is located on drive C. The move must be done correctly, as follows. Right-click on the “My Documents” icon (on the desktop), select “Properties”. Go to the tab “Destination Folder”, it shows the location of the destination folder. Press the “Move” button, a window will appear in which you need to select drive D and create a folder with any name in it (I recommend the name Documents, because a folder with that name will have 100% easy access from any file manager and Continue reading

Why are internet games dangerous?

Today, once again, from my own experience, I was convinced that Internet games are evil. They do not allow you to relax, do not allow you to do something useful and interesting. In a word, they do not give the player the opportunity to live in the real world, breathe deeply, communicate with real people. They do not allow a person to grow and develop their abilities.

A person is able to raise the level of his heroes only in the game, but this does not affect his own real capabilities. More precisely, this is reflected negatively: a person does not have time to do what he plans, often he may even not have enough time to fulfill his daily duties, not to mention the full satisfaction of Continue reading

What is a NAS?

There is never much disk space. Probably, everyone was faced with the choice of what to remove and free valuable megabytes for new photos or music. And the constant recording of films on DVD to watch them on the big screen, conveniently lounging on the couch with the second half? Or the virus hit the system and you with fear and hope that everything will be able to be restored, looked at the specialist reviving the dead system. There are many situations when you want to combine all the equipment in the house into a single “organism”, increase comfort and feel safe. And a simple home network in such a situation is only part of the solution. You need a reliable storage place, available for any equipment in the house. Continue reading

History of development and evolution of the keyboard
We all use the keyboard every day, it is difficult to say whether there can be a more important and universal device for entering information into a computer than a…


How are programmers joking?
Programmers are fun people. They joke, like everyone else, over a glass of tea, coffee and other similar situations. They write documentation and insert a comic example in the program…


Computer programs today, or Why iron the Internet?
Where can I find computer programs today? Of course, in the computer, many will answer. And someone will say - everywhere, even in irons. Both will be right. But if…


How to make Microsoft Internet explorer the default browser?
It happens that when you start some third-party browser, you accidentally clicked on the "Use by default" button and now you want to make your good old Explorer the default…