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How to recover Windows 7 after a crash?

System recovery is the first system operation that every independent user should know.

The ability to install a system from scratch for an ordinary user may not be necessary, since a computer can be bought with a ready-made system, with the programs the user needs, and before it sells and buys a new one it will work without total failures.

But the operating system will probably fail, and they will have to be fixed if, of course, the computer is not sold unpacked, which also happens sometimes.

Windows 7 is a fairly stable operating system, but in our turbulent, difficult time, for various reasons, it still crashes – viruses, hackers, hardware malfunctions, etc. Therefore, recovery may be required from time to time. The system itself contains quite effective and convenient recovery tools – more developed than in Windows XP, but they also require preliminary configuration and saving of data for recovery.

Recovery Preparation

In order to prepare for a possible system recovery, you must call
All programs / Maintenance / Backup and recovery.

If the mode starts for the first time, then during the configuration you need to select
Restore system settings and previous versions of files and Apply.

On the second disk, about 40 gigabytes of space should be free to save the system.
Next: Continue.

If the mode is not started for the first time, then after clicking Archive, the actual archiving and saving of data begins.

We are waiting for its completion. This operation is recommended to be performed every time after installing new programs and changes in settings, since after restoring the system, the settings and programs will turn out to be exactly as they were archived.

Create a recovery boot disk

You must also create a bootable recovery disc – DVD-R or CD-R. To do this, call
All programs / Maintenance / Create a system recovery disk.

Insert a CD-R or DVD-R and click Create Disc. After completing the recording, hide the disc on a rainy day. The most important thing is to sign it so as not to forget what it is and why.

Now about system recovery

Suppose a “rainy day” has finally arrived, all the system settings have crashed, the programs do not work or the computer does not load at all (it turns on, but the system does not work). In this case, insert your recovery CD and restart the computer. During a restart on many computers, they are asked to press any key to boot from CD – it’s better to press the space bar.

After loading, select the menu item:
System Restore and Next, select the date when you saved the system state, click Next, then Finish.

Click Yes and Reboot, after rebooting you need to check the system whether everything works. And if it turns out that the new version of your favorite toy has disappeared, then you did not save the system after installing it, well, install the toy again.

After the recovery is complete, reboot the system. If after that everything didn’t work normally, then a more complex system violation has occurred. Then you can try selecting “Restore the system image”, but before that you need to save all your documents and not all the system files that you wrote to drive C on another drive or flash drive. If this does not help, you may need to completely reinstall the system.

In fact, I would recommend that you perform the recovery operation immediately after creating the disk, while everything is fresh in memory, and proper recovery will not change anything in the system. Then it will be easier to act in a real situation. Difficult to learn – easy in battle. To be prepared for problems, you need to prepare for them in advance, and not when the fried rooster pecks.

As you can see, these very necessary operations are not as complicated as they seem at first glance, and are quite accessible to the average user without special training. They can be mastered in one evening – for your own peace of mind and effective work.

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