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How to create a server in Left 4 Dead 2?

In this article, I will describe How to create an L4D2 server through the Garena client.

So, let’s begin…

1. Close all programs that actively use the Internet connection of your PC (torrent clients, DC ++ clients, download managers, etc., after the game you can turn them back on)!
2. Launch Garen through the desktop shortcut and enter the data selected during registration (login / password).
3. On the left in the list of games, select Left 4 Dead 2.
4. Select the desired region (Europe).
5. Select the desired room (Russia Room 01 or any other).
6. Under the chat, next to the already familiar “Settings” button, there is a “Start!” Button. Click her.
In the pop-up warning window, click “OK.” L4D2 starts up.
7. In the main menu of the game, press the “~” key (it is above the Tab-th).
8. In the console that opens, type:

Copy Mode: map
Battle Mode: map versus
Survival Mode: map survival
Realism Mode: map realism

When you finish typing map and press the space bar, a list of available maps will expand – you can choose one of them using the arrows on the keyboard or with the mouse. After selecting the map, press the spacebar again and add to the team either versus (battle), or survival (survival), or realism (realism). To start the cooperative game mode, after choosing a card, nothing needs to be added.

map c1m1_hotel versus

As a result of this command, a server with the “Battle” mode will be created for the first map from the first game campaign.

9. Press the “Enter” key.
10. To change the complexity of the game on a freshly created server, open the console again (“~” key) and enter it: z_difficulty
The variable can take values: easy medium hard impossible

z_difficulty hard

Server complexity will change to “heavy”
You can view the current complexity by typing z_difficulty in the console

Here is an example of its implementation:
“z_difficulty” = “Normal”
game replicated
– Difficulty of the current game (Easy, Normal, Hard, Impossible)

11. The server name is also changed through the console (“~” key). In it we type the following:
– you need to choose wisely, MANDATORY INDICATING THE VERSION of your game – you can find it using the console command version

Here is an example of its implementation:
Version (left4dead2)
Exe build: 09:51:51 Nov 24 2009 (4035) (550)

You can view the current server name by typing the hostname command in the console

Here is an example of its implementation:
“hostname” = “Left 4 Dead 2” (def. “”)
– Hostname for server.

Rename Server 1 Example:
hostname fcx2002
where fcx is my nickname in Garen, 2002 is server version

Rename Server 2 Example:
hostname ivan2003
where ivan is your nickname in Garen, 2003 is server version

12. If necessary, access to the server can be limited by setting a password. This is done using the sv_password console command.

password 123

Now access to your server will be available only to those players to whom you previously informed this password (123).
You can view the current password by typing password in the console

Here is an example of its implementation:
“password” = “123” (def. “”)
– Current server access password

13. We host our server – it will be displayed by other players in the scroll list, which is located at the bottom of the main menu screen.

setinfo name Your nickname, just change your nickname

List of cards:
Dead Center
c1m1_hotel (hotel)
c1m2_streets (streets)
c1m3_mall (park)
c1m4_atrium (river port)
Dark Carnival
c2m1_highway (highway)
c2m2_fairgrounds (main fair)
c2m3_coaster (coastal wound)
c2m4_barns (barns)
c2m5_concert (…)
Swamp Fever (Swamp Fever)
c3m1_plankcountry (…)
c3m2_swamp (swamp, swamp)
c3m3_shantytown (slum)
c3m4_plantation (plantation)
Hard Rain
c4m1_milltown_a (city factory)
c4m2_sugarmill_a (sugar factory)
c4m3_sugarmill_b (sugar factory)
c4m4_milltown_b (city factory)
c4m5_milltown_escape (city factory getaway)
The Parish (Parish)
c5m1_waterfront (promenade)
c5m2_park (park)
c5m3_cemetery (cemetery)
c5m4_quarter (French Quarter)
c5m5_bridge (bridge)

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