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OPC Labs Product List

We have products that solve specific needs in industrial automation. Thousands of customers have successfuly used the products to solve their development and system integration tasks, ranging from simple to very complex. OPC Labs products support major OPC standards, and their compliance has been verified by rigorous tests performed by OPC Foundation.


QuickOPC is an ideal tool to integrate OPC connectivity to custom applications. It works on .NET and COM platforms, and allows you to develop OPC clients in a wide range of tools and programming languages.

Besides traditional procedural programming, the components provide various time-saving features, such as Live Binding and Live Mapping, and also contain a ready-made set of rich user interface controls and dialogs, e.g. for information browsing and discovery in the OPC world.

QuickOPC supports OPC Data Access, OPC XML-DAOPC Alarms&Events, and OPC Unified Architecture specifications.

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