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QuickOPC 5.21 Released, Bringing User Interface and Live Binding for OPC-UA

This new version brings the earlier separate products, QuickOPC.NET, QuickOPC-COM and QuickOPC-UA, in a single installation package. The product editions has been simplified: Now the editions are not distinguished by the platforms or OPC specifications they support. Instead, the price list has been greatly reduced by a unification into a QuickOPC product, with just two editions: Standard and Ultimate. The editions differ mainly in availability of advances features, such Live Mapping, or a support of reactive programming model.

Version 5.21 also brings OPC-UA features in QuickOPC to the same functionality level as OPC "Classic". Features like OPC browsing dialogs, Live Mapping and Live Binding (visual binding to Windows Forms controls) are now all available for OPC Unified Architecture (OPC-UA) connections as well.

QuickOPC 5.22 released, with improvements in Unified Architecture

QuickOPC 5.22 bring many improvements in the OPC Unified Architecture. It is built on OPC Foundation .NET Stack version 1.02. We have added many "checks" required by OPC compliance tests, and added various parameters for fine-tuning your application. Also improved is the debugging experience, and writing OPC-UA value is now easier, without the necessity to specify the value type.

In addition, QuickOPC 5.22 contains several improvements in other areas, such as the supprot for QuerySourceConditions in OPC Alarms&Events.

OPC Labs Sponsor OPC Day Benelux 2011

The purpose of the event is to show advanced concepts of OPC UA, cross the bridge between production control systems and business information systems, and explore new application fields for OPC UA.
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QuickOPC-Classic 5.20 Released

This version brings new development models, Live Mapping, visual Live Binding, and Reactive Extensions for OPC (Rx-OPC), together with new OPC browsing dialogs, and many other enhancements.

OPC Labs attended European OPC Interoperability Workshop 2011 in Nuremberg

This year we have tested the pre-release version of QuickOPC-UA (for OPC Unified Architecture). We were excited by the results - the interoperability of this newest product will be excellent, as with QuickOPC-Classic.
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OPC Labs attended OPC Interoperability Workshop 2012 in Nuremberg, Germany

This year we have tested the upcoming version 5.21 of QuickOPC-UA product (for OPC Unified Architecture). We were excited by the results - the interoperability of this newest product will be excellent.

QuickOPC Version 5.11 released

This version combines QuickOPC.NET, QuickOPC-COM, and all examples and tools in a single installation package. We have also reduced the number of assemblies, and we have unified assemblies for .NET Framework 4 with those for earlier versions. COM part is now oficially supported on 64-bit systems as well.

OPC Labs Sponsor OPC Day Europe 2012 in Switzerland

The purpose of this event is to

  • Educate attendees by providing OPC updates and information
  • Show commitment from international companies
  • Demonstrate OPC-UA: From controller to MES/ERP IT Enterprise
  • Demonstrate adoption and provide success stories

QuickOPC.NET and QuickOPC-COM Version 5.10 released

These versions add support for OPC-A&E specification (Alarms and Events Custom Interface Standard Version 1.10). This specification is covered by an entirely new object hierarchy.

QuickOPC-UA Released

We are releasing a brand new product today, QuickOPC-UA. Rapid client development for OPC Unified Architecture finally becomes a reality. QuickOPC-UA hides the complexities of OPC UA and allows the developer to focus on the application logic.

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